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Our First Ever
International Award!

Great Oasis Interior Design has won their first ever international award since its establishment in 2004. “It is a remarkable milestone for us!” cheered by one of the co-founders. The studio has worked with hundreds of successful projects throughout the past 17 years. However, new directions and expansion plans were set out in 2020 to spearhead towards new concept developments that would progressively improve the studio’s capabilities.


Grandmillennial Style

There’s a word that’s been popping up in interior design blogs and Instagram posts. It’s ‘grandmillennial’. Also known as ‘granny chic’ or ‘new traditional’, the style it describes affectionately embraces everything our grandparents loved. Are you a secret grandmillennial? Read on and find out.


Colour My Kitchen

A quick scan of online trend forecasts the end of the all-white kitchen craze. It’s about time we embraced colour in the kitchen. See how some style-savvy Singaporeans are doing it.

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